Location Venue

The Gardens, Parkland and main house offers a wealth of opportunity for both for both film and photography shoots and is available to book direct with Tracey on a full day rate or a weekly rate.

Tracey Estate Parkland & Gardens is slowly being restored to its former glory. Tracey Estate comprises of 25 acres of formal gardens currently under restoration, 400 acres of woodland and woodland paths, a victorian bathing pool (not yet restored) and the recently restored Old Stables which is now the main farm house on the estate. During April and May, the rhododendrons put on a magnificent display and the bluebell wood makes a stunning woodland walk.

Tracey Estate has a range of location venues suitable for both photography and filming; The Victorian Walled Garden, The Sunken Garden, the beautiful terrace with views over the Otter Valley. There is a smallholding with pigs and sheep, the Estate also boasts stunning views and access to the river at the bottom of the meadow.

Please feel free to get in touch if your are considering a country estate as a film location venue or a photography venue.  View our photo gallery HERE.