About Us

Tracey Estate is a family owned venue on the outskirts of Honiton. In its heyday, in the early 1900s, Tracey was a much loved and looked after pleasure garden. The gardens and the main house fell into disrepair after World War II until Tracey became completely inaccessible with overgrowth of epic proportions. Since 2012 the gardens have been cleared of overgrowth and sympathetically restored by the Furnival family so that this stunning venue can be shared.

The restoration project is never finished and the primary aim of all that we do is so that we can continue to rebuild the unique garden features and preserve this special landscape. The values that drive us forward in all of our business ventures are supporting wildlife as we look after their habitat, allowing others to benefit from this green open space and funding sustainable farming with animal welfare the top priority.

Fundamentally at Tracey Estate we believe that being outside is good for the soul and, whether it’s a celebration or allowing young people to learn more, it’s a privilege to be able to share this.